ancient egypt

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Discover the secrets of ancient Egypt in a tour rich in enchanting monuments and culture

The ancient Egypt era is a fascinating historical period and the place has been an attraction for tourists from all over the world. Egypt offers an abundance of centuries-old archeological monuments – still breathlessly beautiful and outstanding. Read more

One of key tourist spots in this locality is the Giza Necropolis – the home to three largest pyramids built by the Fourth Dynasty pharaohs, including the Pyramid of Kheops, considered the biggest part of the necropolis and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. In addition to pyramids, the Giza complex consists of a number of temples and tombs, along with the Great Sphinx of Giza.

Another important destination worth seeing in Egypt is the Valley of the Kings, where the pharaohs of the Egyptian New Kingdom were buried in exquisitely decorated tombs. The Valley is known to contain over 60 tombs, each of them full of paintings and inscriptions depicting the lives and beliefs of ancient Egyptians.  The temples of Karnak and Luxor are a must-see as well. The largest temple complex in Egypt, Karnak was rebuilt by dynasty pharaohs many times and it features countless columns, sculptures and paintings, once again reviving the stories of ancient Egypt citizens and their belief systems. Then, the city of Luxor is the home to numerous temples and tombs, including the famous Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut.

When in Egypt, one should also explore the Cairo and Alexandria museums. The Egyptian Museum of Cairo is the world’s biggest repository of ancient Egypt artifacts. Among the many treasures is the legendary mask of Tutankhamun. The Alexandrian Museum is well-known for its abundant Greek and Roman period exhibits, with the famous Pompey’s Pillar. Uncovering the secrets of ancient Egypt is not only about sightseeing but also immersing oneself with the country’s culture and traditions. Therefore, tourists should not hesitate to taste the local cuisine – such as couscous, ta’amiya, ful medames or molokhia – and get familiar with Egyptian culture, their beliefs and ways of life.